Promoting Your Book

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Self promotion is a difficult concept for many people and may go against your nature, but it is absolutely essential in the publishing business. The only way for people to initially believe in your work is for them to see that you believe in your work. While modesty might be a virtue in character, it will do you no favors when it comes to selling a book.

Once a book has been published, making a profit is all about promotion. If no one knows about your book, they won't likely just stumble upon it and decide to buy it. There may also be a number of different books on the same subject, but readers will most likely buy the one they've heard of before.

The Many Ways to Promote Your Book

There are a number of ways to promote your book. You can advertise your book in literary magazines or other media. Recently, book advertisements have taken to television like any other consumer product. Some writers have found advertisements an effective way to get their book known. Having your book reviewed in a well-known publication is another great way to get it out to the public.

Another way to promote your book is to talk about it to the public. If you are working with a large trade publisher, you will most likely go on a book tour to publicize your book. The tour may be national, regional or local. The most highly anticipated books may also be profiled on news and talk shows. Those who are self publishing, however, may not have the benefit of a book tour. In that situation, you can schedule yourself to speak at other events. You can lecture at a college or community center and bring copies of your book along. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth.

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