Publishing A Children's Book

Written by Christa Gatewood
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If you are interested in publishing a children's book, there are a number of different small publishing companies that can help you out. The online book business is already a major part of the book industry and it is only growing. It is very possible to get your children's book to a wide audience online even if you publish it yourself.

How to Publish a Children's Book

The best way to publish a children's book yourself is to publish with a company that has a working relationship with a book distributor. A book distributor can get your book listed with online book retailers that get millions of hits per day. This exposes your book to an extremely wide audience.

In order to make a profit from your book, you have to market it. There are various children's magazines that you can advertise in which will help the book become known to the public. You can also try to get the book reviewed in a local paper or other publication. Any kind of publicity you can get for the book will add to the book's sales and your profit.

Profit is not the only thing that motivates people to want to publish a children's book, however. You might want to publish a book that is written only for a limited audience. For example, you might want to publish a book a child has written to give to family members, schoolmates, and friends. For another example, maybe a class of school children has written a book that you want to publish and distribute to the children. In these cases, you can pay to have these books published professionally, even in small quantities.

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