Publishing A Novel

Written by Will Baum
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Publishing a novel puts you in rarified company. Publishing a novel that gets read puts you in a truly exclusive club. These days, getting a novel published may be tougher than ever. It's also easier. It depends which route you take.

Conventional publishers have been swallowed up by bigger companies. They have different agendas than they did back when they used to nurture writers hoping for an eventual bestseller. To get published by the same publisher who once published your favorite author is extremely difficult. Today, your favorite author might not be able to get published there if he or she was just starting out.

Conventional publishers are, happily, not the only game in town. By publishing celebrity memoirs and star writers almost exclusively, publishers have left a wide gap that is quickly being filled by publishing on demand companies.

Publishing A Novel On Demand

Publishing a novel on demand cuts out the middlemen whose job it is to keep you out of the big publishing houses. With publishing on demand, you don't need an agent, you don't need an art director, and you don't even need an editor (though finding trusted readers is always a good idea). Your book will stand or fall on its merits.

If no one is interested in your book, none will be published. But if people are interested, the books are easily pressed and shipped. You can quickly begin to earn money on a book that is finding readers. Ask successful authors how much they've been paid in royalties on their first books. The answer shouldn't surprise you. It wouldn't pay for your annual coffee intake.

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