Publishing Options

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Recent times have offered a growing number of publishing options to writers out there. Of course, there is the traditional publishing route that is still overwhelmingly popular. The traditional publishing route entails submitting manuscripts to large trade publishing houses in hopes of being one of the select few that are published each year. These publishing houses then take on all of the publishing costs and you see your book on the market in a year or so. This is not the best option for everyone, though.

There are a couple of exciting alternative publishing options that are attracting a lot of attention. Although large publishing companies still publish about 85 percent of the bestsellers, these other publishing options are growing in popularity. They are far more accessible to the average person, and they do fairly well in niche markets.

Alternatives to Traditional Publishing

Self publishing has become a very real option for many writers. Self publishing offers a number of advantages that traditional publishing does not. Probably the most obvious advantages are the short amount of time it takes to self publish and how much control you maintain over the manuscript. You can self publish a book in a matter of months, maybe even as little as two months. If you market the book properly, it could be in the marketplace in no time. Moreover, you will have total control over the process and the proceeds.

Electronic publishing is yet another option for writers. Electronic publishing costs a lot less than self publishing, vanity publishing, or submitting manuscripts to large trade publishing houses. With the growing proliferation of home computers, electronic books are fast becoming a popular choice among consumers. If you are searching for a market for your book, the Internet might be a valid choice.

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