Publishing Your First Novel

Written by Will Baum
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Publishing your first novel can be a discouraging, uphill battle. But do not despair. If you're having no luck with traditional publishers, you're in very good company, and you have a very good resource to turn to: publishing on demand. Many authors have found publishing on demand to be a far less frustrating, and far more profitable route to literary success.

First, if you're looking into publishing your first novel, there's something simple to say: congratulations. If you're finished or near finishing a novel, you should feel a real sense of accomplishment, regardless of what lies ahead. You set a goal for yourself and you got it done. Kudos to you.

You've probably dreamed of publishing your first novel to wide acclaim from critics and readers around the globe. You see yourself on a worldwide book tour, being feted by the fabulous and beautiful at sophisticated party after party. Well, that could happen. But it's probably best not to count on it. The chances are around the same as hitting the lottery.

Publishing Your First Novel Can Change Your Life

Publishing your first novel can change your life, but it most likely won't. If you're successful, what you get is more time to write, which is supposedly your first love anyway. Experienced authors often advise skipping the year of submissions and tortured hopes and cutting right to the chase. Look into publishing on demand and think about getting started on your second novel. Never stop writing.

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