Self Publishing Novels

Written by Will Baum
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Self publishing novels is a growing trend. Novelists have found the major publishing houses unreceptive to new and interesting work. If you're not Tom Clancy or Stephen King, don't come knocking. The big publishers have a careful eye on the bottom line. They're not going to take risks on unknown writers while there are still sure things out there.

Some novelists may see this as a defeat, but they shouldn't. It's almost a tradition that the best writing be ignored in its time. Many novelists now considered essential reading experienced this through their entire lives. Today, if novelists choose to rely solely upon the major publishing houses, that is more likely than ever.

Happily, there is another route to take. Novelists shouldn't waste the energy on an ounce of self-pity over not finding a big publisher to take on their book. They should seize the narrow scope of major publishers as an opportunity. These days, some wise writers are skipping the step of searching for an agent and a publisher. The "cut out the middle man" spirit has come alive in the world of letters. People are self publishing novels like never before.

Self Publishing Novels On Demand

The reason self publishing novels has caught on so widely is publishing on demand. With publishing on demand, the expense of self publication is reduced to extremely manageable sums. Books are printed only when ordered. No fuss, no muss, no exorbitant costs--just writers getting books to readers, which is what it was all supposed to be about in the first place.

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