Self Publishing Services

Written by Will Baum
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Self publishing services have started springing up to meet the needs of writers frustrated by banging their heads against the walls of major publishing houses. The big publishing houses publish what they are fairly certain will sell and little else. This means they are limited to big-name writers, celebrities, and surefire titles.

What's a "surefire" title? One survey showed that books featuring Hitler are generally big sellers. Books about cats are also well received by the general public. Seeing this trend inspired novelist N.J. Dodic to publish a book called, "I Was Hitler's Cat."

Self Publishing Services For New Writers

If you've just finished your first book, the publishing world may seem overwhelming. There are so many books on the shelves of your local bookstore. How do you get a book there? And once it's there, how do you get someone to read it?

If someone had ironclad rules for achieving publishing success, they'd be some kind of superhero. Part of every business venture is luck. You want to write the best book possible, put it between well-designed covers, and get it all the promotion you can muster. But nothing guarantees publishing success, even "I Was Hitler's Cat" can fail.

The best step to ensure that your book get the proper treatment through the publishing process is to rely upon someone who really cares about the project: you. Self publishing services that use publishing on demand have made it affordable for just about anyone to publish his or her own book. The Internet is a great place to find an on demand publisher offering all the self publishing services that you seek.

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