Self Publishing Tips

Written by Will Baum
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Good self publishing tips from just ten years ago would be completely different than self publishing tips today. Self publishing used to be a difficult and largely unrewarding route to getting your book in print. But self publishing has undergone a sea change. Technology has made self publishing not only viable and cost effective, it has made it in many cases preferable to publishing with one of the major houses.

In the past, self publishing companies were known as "vanity presses." It was incredibly expensive to get books printed, so it was only the very rich or the very vain who undertook self publishing. The new innovation made possible by printing and binding technology (as well as by digital storage) is on demand publishing.

With on demand publishing, books are only printed once they've been ordered. Imagine how much money is saved in the process. There's no needless printing of unwanted books. There's no shipping heavy books around the country to bookstores where they'll just sit and gather dust on shelves. On demand publishing involves only a minimal up-front fee to do the initial layout and artwork of a book. After that, printing is easy and inexpensive.

On Demand Self Publishing Tips

This means that not only have self publishing tips changed, they've been largely reduced. There is only one really important tip to keep in mind: Find a reputable on demand publisher and let them do what they do. Soon you'll have a book in your hands that will make you truly proud.

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