Writing Fiction

Written by Will Baum
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Writing fiction is tough work. Novelists lock themselves away, day after day, with the harshest possible critic in the world--the critic in their own mind. Writing fiction can bring forth shouts of triumph and cries of despair, often within the same minute.

I have two close friends who are novelists. They are deeply committed to the written word. Both are great lovers of fiction, and pour everything they have into the books they are writing. Both have had some success. They have had novels published. But both have faced the same fate. Their fist books, while moderately successful, earning critical praise and a decent-size readership, didn't sell enough to convince publishers that taking a risk on a second novel was worth taking.

Publishers today are small parts of giant corporations, always looking at the bottom line. The days are gone when editors and publishers would keep slow-selling writers on board believing that they had yet to write their masterpiece. In today's market, a Hemingway or a Faulkner might never have published more than a single novel.

Writing Fiction, Publishing Fiction

Happily for those writing fiction and those reading fiction, technology has given writers and readers new ways to connect. One of the most crucial developments in the book world is publishing on demand. Publishing on demand is a cost-effective way to release books almost directly from writers to readers. Unnecessary printing and shipping costs are eliminated. Books are printed only when a reader has ordered the book. With publishing on demand, modern-day Hemingways and Faulkners still have a chance.

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