Business Writing Tips

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A few business writing tips can help make your written correspondence, e-mail, and formal presentations all a bit more professional. It's hard to ascribe a strict set of rules to all businesses. There are some shops that encourage workers to wear flip flops and shorts, while others call for a shirt and tie or businesses suit even in the middle of summer. But there are a few guiding principles that can help you whether you work at Joe's Plumbing or Goldman Sachs.

Number one is this: conduct yourself as professionally in your memos and notes as you would in face-to-face conversation. If you generally address your boss as Sir or Mr. Jones, be sure to keep that same formality in your e-mails. Just because you're both typing on computers doesn't suddenly make you best friends. The same holds true with presentation materials. You ought to write them with the same care and attention to detail that you would take if drafting a cover letter to include with your resume.

Learning Business Writing Tips

One way to acquire business writing tips, unfortunately, is simply to inhabit the corporate world long enough. In time, you'll witness endless examples of downright poor writing, which, believe it or not, can be instructive. Find the most glaring examples of poor syntax, idiom, punctuation, and spelling, then do your best to avoid making those same errors. Don't attempt to play savior to the legions of abysmal writers in your company. Just let your work stand on its own two feet.

Aside from empirically gathered evidence, you can pick up any of the dozens of good books on business writing tips from your local Borders or Barnes & Noble. There are also business writing and training CDs and DVDs available at most computer and office stores, as well as online tutorials and classes for the true die hards. Take advantage of these resources to help spruce up your written communication; you may even find that you're eventually promoted, and it may have something to do with your professional manner.

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