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Mortgage Broker Books

Written by Dana Hinders
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Mortgage broker books can be a great source of information for both aspiring and experienced mortgage brokers. Books can provided detailed explanations of sub-prime lending and other complex banking issues that can be difficult to master through a training seminar or continuing education course. You can review the material at your own pace and make notes as needed. Some books even come with supplementary videos or workbooks to provide additional instruction.

Generally, the best mortgage broker books are written by experienced mortgage brokers with several years of industry experience. An author may have an advanced degree, multiple professional certifications, or have published trade articles on his or her area of expertise. He or she may have a reputation as an industry leader, traveling around the country to offer training seminars to other mortgage brokers.

Large bookstores frequently carry mortgage broker books that will explain basic industry concepts. These books can be helpful for job seekers interested in learning more about a career as a mortgage broker as well as individuals preparing to take a state licensing exam. For a more detailed discussion of mortgage banking, professional associations often publish reference books written by their distinguished members.

Self Publishing Opportunities for Mortgage Brokers

Becoming an author is easier than you might think. The Internet offers multiple self publishing opportunities for mortgage brokers interested in sharing their knowledge with other professionals. There are several companies which will help you publish your own e-book. E-books can be distributed as free downloads or sold through an e-commerce website. An e-book is a great way to promote yourself as an expert on a particular aspect of mortgage banking.

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