Books For Toddlers

Written by Serena Berger
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Good books for toddlers are those which will capture their attention and imagination. There are other possibilities as well: you can find books which help them learn some of the basics that can make their first years of a school a lot easier, and you should also think about reading books which will help them develop a love of reading. Regardless of what you hope to achieve with any single book, the most important thing when assessing books for toddlers is making sure the stories will make them feel good, and that you won't mind reading the book to them more times than you can count.

What They Learn When You Read Books for Toddlers

A non parent can't conceive of just how many times you're going to be asked to read a book which becomes a toddler's favorite. This fact that children have what we consider to be such an incredibly high desire to hear the same thing over and over is actually a window into an important aspect of how their minds work. Children absorb everything, and they continue to get concepts, ideas, and information from a story long after we think the possibilities must have been exhausted.

Consequently, good books for toddlers can teach children on many levels. First, as you read to children, they are learning the basics of reading themselves. If your toddler looks over your shoulder or sits on your lap as you read, he or she will pick up a lot. At some point, he or she will be memorizing entire words as pictures, but over time, a more sophisticated sense of letters and sound combinations will emerge.

Personalized books are wonderful for toddlers. Not only can they encourage them to learn, they are also particularly entertaining and engaging. You can find personalized fairy tales, comic-style books, books tied in to favorite cartoons or television shows like Sesame Street, or books that teach important safety tips.

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