Child's Birthday Gifts

Written by Serena Berger
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Buying a child's birthday gifts should be fun, not stressful or annoying. It doesn't feel very special to deal with the crowds at a toy store, or to get there an find out that they're already sold out of the most popular toy of the month. If you'd like to get something a little more unique and creative, there are some places that you can look online for a child's birthday gifts that will help you get something that will be more meaningful.

Finding a Child's Birthday Gifts

It is always a good idea to read to children. Some kids will ask you to do it every day and always be up for hearing a story; others, however, don't show much interest in books when the television or movies are an option. Happily, you can find personalized children's books that might appeal to either extreme.

With a voracious young reader (or listener), you have the advantage of knowing what he or she likes. If you already know that she loves books with princesses, you can buy her a personalized book in which she plays or meets a princess. If his favorite stories feature farm animals, you can get a personalized book in which he spends a day on a farm.

Generally, you don't want a child's birthday gifts to seem as though they're dry or dull. While you may resort to giving socks and underwear occasionally, if you give a book, you don't want the reaction to be "Oh, does that mean I have to read it?" So if your objective is to get your child to read more and he or she has seemed resistant, an unexpected birthday surprise like a book in which your child is featured along side the X Men might just be a way to achieve that objective without making your child feel like he's somehow being punished.

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