Child's Gift Ideas

Written by Serena Berger
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Your child's gift ideas, if you ask for a list, are likely to be expensive toys. If he gets them, most of them will not even stay in favor for very long. Of course, there are kids who will play with beloved trucks or blocks or a costly doll for years; but as you get to know your child, you should be able to sense whether that hundred dollar pink plastic karaoke machine is really going to change her life, or whether that money might better be spent elsewhere.

Coming Up with Unique Child's Gift Ideas

It's not always easy to come up with brilliant and unique child's gift ideas. You have to reconcile yourself to occasionally being met with the dumbfounded "Why did you get me that?" gaze a few times if you want to try for the "Wow! I love it! How did you ever think of that?" reaction. Of course, sometimes a gift which turns out to be a big hit in the end doesn't seem like such a great gift to a child at first, so that's another reason you have to be confident in your choices of presents.

If they have older siblings, or when they start school and meet other kids who are concerned with being cool, your kids can start to feel as though there are certain things they should and shouldn't like, and their taste may seem to change abruptly. As a parent, it's important to find a way to keep them interested in healthy and worthwhile activities even as their interests may start to be diverted. Reading is an activity that you want to encourage, and if you want books to seem like good child's gift ideas to your kids, it may take a little convincing, and just the right book.

Personalized books are not to every child's tastes, but even the kids who have peers at school recommending movies or cartoons that you think are totally pointless tend to like to have a parent read to them. The element of spending time with mom or dad can be a powerful draw, and a customized book featuring your child alongside some of his favorite superheroes can make for enjoyable reading and quality family time. For children learning to read, it can also provide the added impetus to work on their reading skills and keep them entertained at the same time.

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