Christmas Story Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Favorite Christmas story books are like beloved friends and family members who only come to visit around the holiday season. In some families, the tradition of reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas is as much a part of the holiday as gifts around the tree or singing carols. This is a time of year when everything seems special and exciting, and family comes together in many ways; treasured Christmas story books can play a big part in that.

Though for some families Christmas has become a commercial or secular occasion, for many others it remains a time of profound spirituality. Often, children are introduced to some of the central aspects of the Christian faith through stories that they read or hear at Christmas time. Even children too young to understand all of the context and consequences can be touched by the story of the baby Jesus being born in a manger on the day which became known as Christmas Eve thereafter.

Personalized Christmas Story Books

Realizing that the first stories they hear about Christmas may be the foundation upon which your child builds his or her spirituality, it is obvious how important it is to find the right books. If it seems appropriate, you might want to consider a personalized book. While it might seem sacrilegious to place your child at the actual event, there are still creative ways that authors have written children into Christmas story books that tell the story of the birth of Christ.

For example, you could have a personalized Christmas story book about a church or school putting on a Christmas pageant. Thus, children would be acting out the parts in the story, and your child could end up playing an important part. Given how much it means to children when you read to them, your child could grow up feeling a deep sense of attachment to the person they played, as well as all the other important figures present.

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