Collectible Children's Books

Written by Kevin Little
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Collectible children's books are easy to figure out with a little bit of research. A good name, proof of authenticity, and special features all make for a good collectible book. Combine all three and you've got it made!

A name with a great following will make for a more collectible book. Durable, timeless names like the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, both started around 1930 and still popular today, are good places to start. Some newer entries, such as the Harry Potter collection, haven't been around that long but have become so popular in such a short period of time as to be very collectible already.

Collectible Children's Books: Know What You're Getting

Much of what makes a book collectible is its edition. This can be a bit confusing in the cases of books that are released in multiple editions, so you have to look carefully to make sure you can identify what you're looking at. For example, the Harry Potter series was released in different editions in the UK and the US; since the UK version was printed first, it is the more collectible item.

Collectible children's books are also aided by the inclusion of special features. A complete set of a certain series, especially a long series like vintage Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, can make for greater desireability. Added features, such as cloth covers or gold trim, can also increase the collectibility of a certain volume.

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