Complete Hardy Boys Set

Written by Kevin Little
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A complete Hardy Boys set is good for months if not years of enjoyment. Comprising the original fifty-eight volumes in the series, this set takes the mysteries to the point where the rights were sold and the focus of the series changed to entice older readers. These first fifty-eight books are written with the eight- to fourteen-year old reader in mind.

These books have obviously stood the test of time. The Hardy Boys have been finding new and clever ways to solve cases since the first Hardy Boys books appeared in 1927. The stories continue to delight new generations of adventurers.

Complete Hardy Boys Set: Time Is of the Essence

Having fifty-eight books of Hardy Boys mysteries around is sure to keep young readers enthralled. With the excellent writing that is the hallmark of the Hardy Boys series present in every book, readers will inevitably get hooked. That means many, many hours of entertainment over the course of the complete Hardy Boys set.

Another issue of time is, "How long will the books last?" If you're interested in a complete set, you'll want to look for books that will, like the Hardy Boys series itself, last a long time. Durable hardcover construction is an excellent idea when it comes to buying such a set.

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