Complete Nancy Drew Set

Written by Kevin Little
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A complete Nancy Drew set is a very worthwhile group of collectible children's books. When looking for such a set, you'll want to make sure you find a hardcover edition that will last and last. Finding editions with appropriate cover art from the series is another important consideration.

Furthermore, you'll want to make sure you have a reader in the house! A complete Nancy Drew set will contain the original fifty-six volumes in the series. That a lot of time well spent!

Complete Nancy Drew Set: Historical Perspective

The Nancy Drew series got it's start in 1930 with the publication of The Secret of the Old Clock. Over time, other Nancy Drew series, like "The Nancy Drew Files," became popular for a time. But it is the original fifty-six that hold their popularity to this day.

Unfortunately, many of the later Nancy Drew books are now out of print. This goes to show how fickle the book market is, and also how incredibly lasting the original books have been. Children today continue to learn great lessons from Nancy as the accompany her on her various adventures.

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