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Written by Serena Berger
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A site where you can create a book gives you the opportunity to write a child you love into a story. Many of us would love to be able to write a book for our child or grandchild, featuring him or her in a tale that was sure to be treasured. Sadly, lack of time or a feeling that we don't really write well enough, or a sense that we don't know how to write a children's book can all keep us from being able to achieve that lofty objective.

The Advantages of Sites to Create a Book

The next best thing to writing a story yourself is getting the child you love written into another story that he or she will enjoy. Companies which personalize popular books have been around for years, but the Internet has made it possible to find the best of these sites with the broadest variety of books. You can enter information about your child and his or her interests, and create a book in any number of genres from a template with that information.

Some personalized books focus on an educational component. Especially for children who are just learning to read or count, a book with a simple but engaging plot line can be a great way to re-enforce the alphabet or numbers. If you create a book in which the child is actually featured, it subliminally sends the message that he can master this information, as well as keeping him particularly entertained.

It gets more difficult to appeal to the taste of older children who can read by themselves. Television, movies, and comics all vie for their attention, and generally those are the things their friends are going to be talking about at school. You can find a site which creates books featuring your child alongside his comic and cartoon heroes like Batman or the X-Men, and watch as reading once again has a fair chance to challenge watching the tube after school.

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