Creative Gifts For Children

Written by Serena Berger
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A creative gift for children has to be something more than an item chosen randomly from the shelf in the toy store because it fits your price range and is attractively packaged. If you have kids, you know that these toys typically get played with for a few weeks, or even just for an afternoon, and then forgotten. It is ultimately neither in the child's best interest nor in your own as the gift giver for you to offer a present chosen that way.

The Quandary of Finding a Creative Gift for Children

If you're not used to buying presents for kids, however, you might understandably be daunted, trying to anticipate a good creative gift for children. Sometimes going for a total surprise can backfire on you. Should you get a Lord of the Rings chess set for your seven year old nephew just because he liked the movie and his parents brag about how clever he is? Should you pay for six months of lessons for a granddaughter so she can try ballet, despite never having expressed an interest? You could end up spending a lot of money on something which is creative or unique, but nevertheless not really desired.

A great creative gift for children with a very comfortable price tag is a personalized book. Often this is something that no one else will have thought to give, and makes a gift that can be treasured by the whole family. You're not going too far out on a limb with a story that's appropriate for the child's age range, and if you do happen to know of a movie or TV program that the child likes, then tying the gift in to that is a great idea.

You should be able to find a website that walks you through the process of getting a personalized book for a child. You will have to fill out some information about the child, her family and friends, her hometown, or other fact and anecdotes. On a good site, you will be able to read a few pages of the story yourself before you order it, just to make sure it seems appropriate for the child in question.

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I have given books in the

I have given books in the past for presents and they always seem to go over very well so when ever i have a hard person to buy for i always choose a book