Elmo Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Elmo books feature the most popular character to emerge from the Sesame Street universe since the original cast of characters. While some adults who grew up on Sesame Street think the show jumped the shark when Elmo emerged, there is no denying that children adore the little red rascal. If you remember the holiday toy craze for Tickle Me Elmo a few years back, you know that (if not why) books about Elmo are best sellers for children.

There are two basic genres of Sesame Street books. Some feature stories about the characters, typically ending with a little moral lesson, like how it's always best to tell the truth or be tolerant and open minded about cultural differences. The others are educational, using whimsical situations with favorite characters like Elmo to help a child learn.

Educational Elmo books fit in easily with the mission of Sesame Street and the tone of the program. Both the show and the related books are geared toward children who are learning the basics, like the letters of the alphabet or counting to 10. In fact, the TV show and books can supplement each other very well, because the program may be more attention-catching and engrossing to start the learning process, but having the book in front of you to return to whenever you want can help solidify the lessons,

Personalized Elmo Books for Kids

If you are looking for educational Elmo books, you might want to consider a website where you can get them personalized. For children of the age for whom these books are most appropriate, it is very easy to feel enthusiastic and involved. Many children learn to count or start learning to read from Sesame Street books without even realizing that they're learning something other kids can struggle with in school.

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