Farm Animal Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Farm animal books are incredibly popular with young children. Children tend to love animals--especially baby animals--and books with pictures of animals are always big sellers. Even popular children's songs like "Old MacDonald" capture children's interest and imagination with just the names and sounds of barnyard animals, and farm animal books take that interest a step further.

Popular Farm Animal Books for Children

Personalized children's books with farm animals are among some of the most commonly sought customized books. They're also likely to be educational in a way that kids never recognize as a lesson. It is important for children to develop their memories, as well as their capacity for naming and making associations, all of which they can do with the help of a picture book that features many different animals.

Kids also tend to pick up on the connection between fictional animal families and their own family. This means they really enjoy stories about precocious baby animals that have loving and protective parents. There are also a number of stories and concepts that can be best introduced to young minds when applied to animals as opposed to people. Just think of The Lion King--a movie about family featuring all animals. A child of six can enjoy The Lion King, whereas it would be years before he would be able to handle Hamlet--the text itself, or the complex concepts it more overtly explores than does its animal kingdom counterpart.

Farm animal books also offer a window into a way of life that many children will never experience, though it is an essential part of our American heritage. In our largely industrial society, kids can easily grow up without any sense of what life was like for our ancestors, or even for the people who live and work on farms in the modern world. While there's no need to provide a heavy history lesson in every children's book, it is great when you have the opportunity to educate or open young minds while achieving the more immediate goal of entertaining them.

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