Good Books For Children

Written by Kevin Little
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Good books for children are always hard to find. Each new release trumpets itself as the be-all and end-all of kiddie lit, promising to keep your child entertained for hours on end. Instead of giving into the hype, why not look for books with proven track records?

Right around 1930, Edward Stratemeyer came up with ideas for two new series of children's mysteries. The first, the Hardy Boys, began in 1927. Nancy Drew followed soon thereafter, and together they changed the face of children's literature.

Good Books for Children Last for Generations

The truly amazing thing about these two series is how well each has endured and flourished as time has gone on. Both vintage series are still being published today, the Hardy Boys series comprising fifty-eight volumes, the Nancy Drew series fifty-six. These books, written many years ago for children between the ages of eight and fourteen, have stood the test of time better than many modern counterparts.

In fact, they've stood the test of time better than other books bearing the same names. Both the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew got new life in the 1980s with series aimed at older readers, yet many of those newer books have since fallen out of print. Given their longevity, the volumes in the original series are clearly good books for children, and have been for decades now.

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