Hardy Boys Mysteries

Written by Kevin Little
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One mystery of the Hardy Boys mysteries is the incredible staying power of the series. Here is a case that at first glance seems worthy of Joe and Frank themselves! But a closer look reveals a surprisingly simple answer.

The Hardy Boys series was started in 1927 with three books written by Leslie McFarlane, a journalist from Canada. Though the books are said to have been written by one "Frank W. Dixon," all of the them were in fact written by "ghost" writers like Mr. McFarlane. McFarlane wrote about fifteen of the books before the series was turned over to other authors.

Hardy Boys Mysteries Keep Readers Mesmerized

However, it is the presence of these "ghosts" that jeep readers tuned in. Mr. McFarlane's exquisite writing set the tone for the whole series. Other writers in the series picked up on his style, and the result has been a group of books that have stood the test of time.

Indeed, the original fifty-eight books remain virtually intact today. Books one through forty-one have been slightly revised in order to modernize the language, and others survive with no changes at all. With such a track record established, the Hardy Boys mysteries are poised to endure for a long, long time.

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