Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Books

Written by Kevin Little
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Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books might seem like opposites. After all, one is designed for boys, one for girls. Though they're aimed at the same age group--young readers between eight and fourteen--they initially seem as different as pink and blue.

Yet, in fact, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries are perfect--perfect complements to each other. How else can one so easily provide hours of fun for all the young 'uns in the household? Instead of encouraging a battle of the sexes, these books will make contented readers out of any group of kids.

Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Books Contain Timeless Lessons

While they are adventure series at heart, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books contain old-fashioned values that feed the soul. Everyone needs a role model, and in these books both boys and girls can find wholesome figures to look up to. What better examples could kids have than intelligent, resourceful, and caring poeple of their own age?

Both of these long-lived series started around 1930. Their longevity goes to show that good writing and storytelling always have a place in the ever-competitive publishing world. It may be the greatest accomplishment of Frank, Joe, and Nancy that they're still going strong in the 21st century as leading mystery books for children.

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