Harry Potter Collection

Written by Kevin Little
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Though the Harry Potter collection is not yet complete, it has already won over the world. Children love it, adults love it, teachers love it, students love it... it's hard to find anyone who hasn't succumbed to the magic of Harry Potter. The best part is, there's more to come!

So far, only five of the promised seven books in the Harry Potter series have been released. The latest book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, explores some of the more ominous themes raised at the conclusion of the fourth book in the series. Such complexity of story and character make for a highly-anticipated end to the overwhelmingly popular series.

The Harry Potter Collection Raises the Bar

Due to its cross-over success with children and adults, the Harry Potter collection has changed the way we think about books for kids. No longer a literary subset that makes parents groan, children's literature has truly come to live up to the latter term in its description with the advent of Harry Potter. Though couched in terms easy for people of all ages to comprehend, this series touches on themes and ideas that can be appreciated by all, regardless of age.

Fact is, the series makes us all dream. The dream of what it would be like to be wizards, and the gown-ups dream of what it would be like to be kids. Well, wizard kids, anyway.

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