Harry Potter Complete Set

Written by Kevin Little
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A Harry Potter complete set is like a whole world in a box. The first book alone takes the reader to a variety of wonderful places. Start on Privet Drive, the wander down to Diagon Alley, over the river into Hogwarts, down to Hagrid's, into the Forbidden Forest... the book could be a travelogue!

A Harry Potter complete set takes the reader on a wonderful journey back through the magic of childhood, placed in a magical setting. One meets wizards and fortune tellers, dragons and hippogriffs, ghosts and house-elves. All of the this seen through the eyes of a boy who didn't even know he had magic in him!

The Harry Potter Complete Set Is Almost Complete

So far, five of the promised seven books of the Harry Potter series have been published. These seven books coincide with Harry's seven years of training at the Hogwarts School for Wizarding and Witchraft. The sixth book is tentatively scheduled for release sometime in 2005.

The first five books have been incredibly well received by readers of all ages all around the world. These five books have been collected into boxed sets in both hard and soft covers. Such sets may not yet tell the whole story, but will still keep adults and children enthralled for hours on end as they discover the wonders of the Harry Potter collection.

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