Harry Potter Gifts

Written by Kevin Little
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Harry Potter gifts go hand in hand with the holiday season. What better time to give the gift of magic than the most magical time of the year? The Harry Potter collection can help the warm glow of the holiday season last longer than ever before.

The holiday season can bring out the kid in all of us, and the Harry Potter books are bound to do the same. Both children and adults would be happy to find gift-wrapped boxed sets of Harry Potter books under the tree, as the series has such a broad appeal. Just don't be surprised if the recipient is late for dinner--hours can quickly fly by in the clutches of JK Rowling's prose.

Harry Potter Gifts--Make Sure You Know What You're Getting

While Harry Potter gifts are a quick and easy idea, it makes sense to do a little research before you shop. Did you know that not all editions of Harry Potter books are the same? In fact, the differences between books can be quite pronounced.

The Harry Potter UK version is the definitive edition, as it is printed in the form first published. US editions have changes to a great many things, even the title in one case! It pays to know what kind of gift you are giving, especially when considering comprehensive boxed sets.

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