Harry Potter Limited Edition

Written by Kevin Little
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A Harry Potter limited edition set goes to show that not all Harry Potter books are created equal. If shopping for such a limited edition book, you'll want to make sure what edition your getting. There are some little-known differences between editions.

The Harry Potter UK version is the definitive edition, printed as written by JK Rowling. The American edition, however, contains many changes. Changes include chapters, contents, cover art, and text--yes, even some of the words are different.

Harry Potter Limited Edition Set--The Lap of Luxury

Once you make sure you know what edition you're getting, you'll want to look at the different premium options available. The Harry Potter series comes in a number of attractive forms. Some seem magical enough to have come straight out of Hogwarts!

A cloth cover is a good place to start with your Harry Potter limited edition books. Just imagine the feel of such a book on your hands as you read--absolutely transporting! Add dazzling features such as gold trim and a signed cover, and you'll be on your way to a truly deluxe experience.

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To be honest, the last page doesn't ralley tell you much, and you could quite happily live without it.I finished the book at about 9am this morning. Quite slow going for me ralley.