Harry Potter Series

Written by Kevin Little
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The Harry Potter series has been delighting readers of all ages since the very first book. I myself came to the series late--the third book was already in print when I started reading the first--but soon became as hooked as anyone. Well, almost anyone--my friend Dan, upon receiving the fifth installment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, for his birthday, proceeded to finish off the tome in a single night!

What is it about this series that manages to so thoroughly enthrall adults and children alike? In the case of children, the answer seems pretty obvious. What child doesn't like reading about interesting people from his or her age group?

The Harry Potter Series Is Magic For Adults, Too

Why is it that so many adults wind up so addicted to Harry Potter books? Perhaps it has something to do with recapturing the magic of youth. Or maybe we all secretly dream of being actual wizards, able to change the world around us with a flick of a wand.

But maybe it's a whole lot simpler than that. Maybe good storytelling, no matter what the genre, has a place on anyone's bookshelf, regardless of their age. Thanks to the writing of JK Rowling, the Harry Potter series has beautiful stories in spades.

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