Harry Potter Uk Version

Written by Kevin Little
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The Harry Potter UK version is actually different from the US version. Not many people know that. In fact, as an ardent fan of the series, I had no idea of the differences between the copies released in the two countries.

The UK version is considered the definitive Harry Potter. These books are written and presented the way that JK Rowling intended them. Why would one want anything different?

Harry Potter UK Version Differs from US Version

Publishers thought that the US version would have to be "Americanized" in order for the stories to sell on this side of the pond. They changed cover art, chapter titles, and even text, going so far as to cut certain sentences and even paragraphs. Why they felt the need for this is unclear, but they wound up creating an entirely new edition due to the severity of the changes.

As such, only the Harry Potter UK Version can be considered a "first" edition. Collecting value aside, why would one choose to distort the image of Harry Potter as created by JK Rowling? That's why it's so important to know the difference between the two editions.

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