Jewish Book For A Child

Written by Serena Berger
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A Jewish book for a child can help your child understand some very important traditions and cultural differences. In fact, for that very reason, it should not be just Jewish families who are looking at books about Jewish traditions. Most children will have the opportunity at school or in their neighborhood to make friends who are of different religious faiths, and understanding and accepting those other faiths can make building those friendships easier.

If you are Jewish, chances are you have your own way of explaining traditions to your child, and he or she will also learn a lot at Synagogue. A Jewish book for a child can supplement that learning, but more importantly, it can simply celebrate some of the most important aspects of the faith. Just like children of different ethnicities might prefer to play with dolls that look like them instead of little Caucasian dolls, children of different religious faiths might prefer to read books about children who follow the same traditions they do.

A personalized Jewish book for a child can help build self esteem in a couple of ways. In addition to the validation of reading about people who believe what your family believes, you can also build self esteem by learning and feeling good about it. Kids are always more likely to read when they feel entertained and when it makes them feel good about themselves--so if you can find a book that fits the bill, your child will enjoy the rewards.

A Personalized Jewish Book for a Child

A personalized book could be about many different aspects of faith. A holiday like Purim can be the setting for a fun story with lots of costumes and celebration. Chanukah also has a number of traditions that can be told, linked to the Bible stories, or just used as the setting and context for a story in which you child is features along with family and friends.

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