Jk Rowling Harry Potter

Written by Kevin Little
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JK Rowling and Harry Potter are borderline inseparable. As well they should be. One is the famous book character, while the other is the famous author who created said character. However, after a little research is done, one finds that this dynamic duo doesn't always stick together quite as closely as one would imagine.

Much of this has to do with the fact that there are different editions of books in the Harry Potter series produced for different countries. The Harry Potter UK version is the definitive edition of the series. These books show the stories in the way they were originally presented.

JK Rowling & Harry Potter Deserve One Another

However, the version released in the US, or the "American" version, differs significantly from the original edition. In the American version, words, names, and cover art are changed, while some whole sentences are omitted altogether. Doesn't sound like fair treatment for a famous author.

Of course, JK Rowling and Harry Potter weren't famous when she released the first of the books. But her ear for language and story arc have served her so well, well enough that many readers may want to know what she originally intended. For the answer to that question, one has to go back to the UK Harry Potter books.

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