Little Mermaid Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Little Mermaid books can vary rather dramatically depending on their intended audience. This old fairy tale actually has a bit of a dark side, but between the Disney version and many of the versions written just to be happy, you can certainly find one that doesn't embrace the darker themes. In children's Little Mermaid books, Ariel is actually a charming and lovely heroine, and she has been written into many storylines above any beyond the original fairy tale.

The original story of the Little Mermaid is about a mermaid girl who wishes that she could experience life on land. He father, understandably, wants to protect her and stop her from going. When Ariel catches a glimpse of a handsome boy walking on the shore, she makes up her mind and enters a dangerous bargain with a witch to be given the opportunity to walk on land. She gives up her voice in exchange for legs, with the provision that the boy (a prince, of course) must fall in love with her within a certain number of days, or else she loses her voice forever.

Many twists and turns later, he does fall for her, of course, and this story resonates with children on many levels. Older children who have started to want some freedom from parental restrictions will identify with Ariel's desire to explore more of the world, and they can also learn a valuable lesson about how her father just wanted to protect her--and rightly so. Younger children who don't yet have any concept of wanting to meet cute boys can really enjoy the details of Ariel's life underwater and let their imaginations run with that.

Personalized Little Mermaid Books

If you are getting a gift for a child who is a big fan of the movie or the story, you should consider personalized Little Mermaid books. There are personalized stories appropriate for both the younger and older fans. Encouraging reading has never been as easy or as much fun as it is with personalized books that include the child and even the whole family in a book that will be treasured.

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