Mother Goose Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Mother Goose books have been standards in children's libraries since the 1700s. Over time, the tales and rhymes included in the book have evolved a great deal, however. At this point, Mother Goose books may actually contain any variety of beloved pieces for children, and may be suitable for children of all ages.

Some books take the idea of nursery rhymes quite literally, and feature rhyming couplets and poems meant for children young enough to be in the nursery. When children are still far too young to follow or understand a linear plot of any sort, they still enjoy being read to. Studies show, in fact, that reading to them this early has tremendous results in terms of establishing their reading ability later on. While they can't really appreciate a story, they greatly enjoy rhyming verses because the sounds please them long before they understand all the words.

Mother Goose Books for Small Children

Mother Goose nursery rhymes have stood the test of time as favorites for centuries now. Not only do small children take obvious delight in them before they can verbalize it, but they remain requested favorites even after children grow into slightly more mature books. In recent years, just the last few decades, personalized Mother Goose books have emerged as a popular variation on the beloved standard.

Because they're so ideally suited to the youngest listeners, Mother Goose rhymes are also particularly suited to being personalized. Babies and toddlers love to hear their own names in stories, and that immediately makes the story or poem more vivid for them. As a gift for a family, or as a treat you get yourself to share with your own child, a personalized book like a Mother Goose book for a baby is a great idea.

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