Nancy Drew

Written by Kevin Little
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Nancy Drew is one of the most trusted and enduring names in children's mystery books. Even today, more than seventy years after the publication of the first book in the Nancy Drew series, boys and girls alike find themselves enthralled by Nancy's wit and determination. Best of all, kids learn valuable life lessons while while they're entertained!

Nancy was the last character created by the wildly prolific publisher Edward B. Stratemeyer. The publisher of a number of different children's and mystery titles, Stratemeyer thought up Nancy when he perceived a gap in his book offerings. He found no heroines to inspire his younger female readers, and he took the appropriate measures to fill this void.

Nancy Drew Lives On

Once Simon and Schuster acquired the rights to the Drew mysteries, they came out with a series designed to appeal to slightly older readers. However, despite the initial popularity of these books, they simply could not keep up with the originals. The books in Stratemeyer's first series are still the most widely read.

Such classic status has been upheld through the years. Nancy's adventures are now prized by a new generation of readers as well as still being treasured by those who grew up with the books. In this case at least, the newer models just can't compare to the old standards.

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