Nancy Drew Books

Written by Kevin Little
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Nancy Drew books have been around since the 1930s, but they still maintain a high degree of relevance today. Started by Edward Stratemeyer, who saw a need of an adventure series centered around a (gasp!) female protagonist, the Nancy Drew series has served as an excellent reading material for younger girls for decades. In fact, we could all use a role model like Nancy Drew.

Nancy Drew is the original woman of the world--even if, after all these years, she's not quite yet a woman. To solve the many cases she's faced with, she needs to draw on resources that we would all be glad to possess. Though she predates the feminist movement by a long shot, over the course of the Nancy Drew mysteries she exhibits strength and character to which any boy in her position could aspire.

Nancy Drew Books Are Not Only Fun--They're Inspirational

With so many stories featuring male protagonists available, it's natural that girls might feel a little left out. After all, it always seems to be the boys standing on the prow of the great ships or scouring the canyon for that elusive, essential clue. But it's not just boys that have the capability to solve the harrowing mystery.

Thanks to the idea of Edward Stratemeyer, girls have the opportunity to enter the male-dominated world of mystery and intrigue. For over seventy years now, Nancy Drew has been using her wit and intelligence to trod the most daunting labyrinths and come out safely on the other side. These qualities and achievements make Nancy Drew books as relevant today as they ever have been.

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