Nancy Drew Children

Written by Kevin Little
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Nancy Drew children's stories have earned their place among the most revered children's mystery books ever published. First committed to the page nearly seventy-five years ago, these stories continue to resonate with young readers. In fact, Nancy has even entered the digital realm, with computer games like Nancy Drew Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

What gives these stories their remarkable staying power? Well, every child needs someone to look up to. And it's easy to admire someone who happens to be your own age!

Nancy Drew Children's Stories Continue Their Mission

The character of Nancy Drew was originally intended to entice girls between the ages of eight to fourteen. By providing a young female heroine, Nancy Drew children's mysteries paved the way for future heroines. Thought Nancy is undoubtedly a tough act to follow!

Bright, adventurous, crafty, and quick, Nancy was far ahead of her time. By now, we've all heard the phrase Girl Power -- well, that describes Nancy perfectly. "Anything you can do, I can do better," she might have exclaimed to her predecessors -- the Hardy Boys!

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