Nancy Drew Collection

Written by Kevin Little
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The Nancy Drew collection feeds into some of our most basic human instincts. We've all heard of early humans as "hunter-gatherers," and while we no longer take a spear to our food, the urge to accumulate is still there. Most people I know have some sort of collection.

For me, it was baseball cards. When I was in the fifth grade, I started collecting cards in earnest--wax packs, sets, individual cards, you name it. Over time, however, a problem developed--what to do with them all?

A Nancy Drew Collection Is Satisfying and Useful

Sure, I could look at the cards, and I could organize them, but there wasn't really a whole lot of activity based around them (other than buying them, of course). A book collection, however, appeals to the same human drive to accumulate while also having useful purpose. Nancy Drew books aren't just for sticking on the shelves, but for reading!

While a Nancy Drew set certainly looks good on the bookshelf, these books are infinitely better once taken down and placed on the lap. Nancy Drew has been a valuable role model for generations of young readers with her enthusiasm and intelligence. The Nancy Drew collection keeps these stories readily available, while also lending that feeling of accomplishment a good collection can bring.

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