Nancy Drew Message In A Haunted House

Written by Kevin Little
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Nancy Drew Message in a Haunted House may not be a book -- in fact, it's a computer game -- but it's existence goes to show the staying power of the Nancy Drew series. Think a chick who made her debut in the 1930s can still relate to today's kids? Luckily, the answer is "yes."

For Nancy is still thriving on the page, much in the same way she scoots around in simulated synthetic scenarios on the screen. True, the books were not written yesterday -- in fact, they weren't written this millennium. But the stories and the lessons from Nancy Drew books still come through loud, clear, and fun.

Timely Signals from Nancy Drew Message in a Haunted House

In fact, the message from Nancy Drew's haunted house is that young people still need good role models. Girls, in particular, will gain volumes from the volumes of Nancy's adventures. Not that boys can't enjoy these books too, but there's something about adventuring with someone like ourselves.

When that someone is solving complex mysteries with grace and aplomb, one can't help but feel inspired. We've heard that girls all over the country have embarked on room-cleaning "missions" after getting a dose of what Nancy's capable of! Well, maybe not, but it's fun to hope, right?

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