Nancy Drew Mysteries

Written by Kevin Little
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Nancy Drew mysteries can aid you in solving a mystery of your own! Children, as we all know, are one of the great mysteries of life. Even more mysterious can be the search for books appropriate to you child's age and interests.

While the search for new reading material can lead to missteps along the way, there are still tried-and-true options to consider. Nancy Drew mysteries, which began publication in 1930, still delight readers in the 21st century. They may be "old-school," but in the lexicon of pop culture, that's now a good thing!

Nancy Drew Mysteries Are Designed With Girls In Mind

While appropriate for any young reader, the Nancy Drew series continues to hold a particular resonance for the fairer sex. Originally intended as a series for girls between eight and fourteen, these books continue to fill that niche nicely. As heroines tend to be in short supply even today, in Hollywood as well as literature, these books continue to aid an underserved market.

Nancy Drew is an invaluable role model, constantly displaying courage, determination, and compassion. And she may solve that all important real-life mystery of eliminating boredom from a child's day. There's a mystery anyone would be proud to unravel!

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