Nancy Drew Secret Of The Scarlet Hand

Written by Kevin Little
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Nancy Drew Secret of the Scarlet Hand serves as an example of the age of technology steaming forward, leaving many valuable artifacts in its wake. The book itself is, sadly, no longer in print. From its ashes, a computer-based video game has risen.

While I happen to adore the myth of the phoenix, this seems a little much. A work of fiction, superseded by a work of code? As a writer myself, this transformation leaves me a little cold, flames of the magic bird notwithstanding.

Nancy Drew Secret of the Scarlet Hand: An Example Worth Noting

Still, at least this development keeps the Nancy Drew series in the public eye. For the series is very valuable for its portrayal of a strong, young female protagonist. Luckily, there are still many Nancy Drew books still available in actual book form.

This book brings to the fore the debate as to whether a child is better off absorbing information from words on a page or pixels on a computer screen. As for me, I choose the paper over the plastic. Here's hoping Nancy Drew Secret of the Scarlet Hand is one of the last to be taken out of circulation before its time.

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