Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill

Written by Kevin Little
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Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill raises the question, "Why play video games when you can read books instead?" This book, like others in the Nancy Drew series, has been made into a computer game. But even in the Information Age, isn't it still sometimes nicer to curl up with a good book than type your password (any then retype it, since you got the cAsE wRoNg the first time)?

Fact is, kids are spending a lot of time on the computer these days. Whether it's surfing or text-messaging, writing school reports or e-mails, computer-based activities take up a lot of time. Time that could be spent reading.

Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill Keeps the Name Going

Not that there's anything wrong with the internet -- you're here, aren't you? The high-tech Nancy Drew keeps people aware of Nancy Drew books. And that's a good thing for the reading public.

These books are especially good for the younger reading public. Though many of the books in the series are now out of print, a great many are still there for the edification of young readers. Now that Nancy has entered the digital age with games like Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill, maybe the books themselves will take on a heretofore unattained coolness factor!

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