Nancy Drew Series

Written by Kevin Little
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The Nancy Drew series was born in 1929, when Edward Stratemeyer came to the brilliant conclusion that girls like to read, too! Stratemeyer had already created such adventure books as the Hardy Boys series and the Tom Swift series. But in '29, he began to feel something was missing.

When looking over his lineup, Stratemeyer found it to have little appeal to young female readers. So he created the character of Nancy, and called on journalist Mildred Wirt to write the books. Though Wirt was more than equal to the task, writing twenty-three of the first thirty Nancy Drew mysteries, both she and her protagonist found themselves in hot water early on.

The Birth of the Nancy Drew Series

Stratemeyer was less than thrilled by the first book Wirt produced, entitled The Secret of the Old Clock. Nancy, he felt, showed a bit too much cheek when dealing with those older and wiser than herself. Stratemeyer, however, underestimated Nancy by a long shot.

The publishers of the Nancy Drew series, Grosset & Dunlap, adored Nancy from the start. They made sure Wirt kept writing the books, under the pseudonym "Carolyn Keene." The publishers' preference has stood the test of time, as generations of young readers have fallen for Nancy since she first appeared in print back in 1930.

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