Nancy Drew Store

Written by Kevin Little
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The Nancy Drew store helps curious customers to find the best remaining Nancy Drew books. While Nancy has been undoubtedly popular during her seventy-plus years in print, not all of the books remain available to the public. While many have survived, some of the books have fallen out of print.

The Nancy Drew series began in 1930 with The Secret of the Old Clock. A total of fifty-six books were published in the original series. Luckily, these initial masterpieces are still available in their entirety.

At the Nancy Drew Store, the Original Is Still the Best

In 1984, Simon & Schuster bought the rights to Nancy Drew, and issues a new series starting in 1986. The Nancy Drew Files were books aimed at older readers, and over eleven years one hundred twenty-four volumes were produced. While these books broadened the base of Nancy's readership, many are now out of production.

Thanks to the Nancy Drew store, the first fifty-six volumes are easily found. Bound in glorious hardcover, these books have stood the test of time and are made to stand the rigors of years of reading. Sometimes it's hard to improve upon the original.

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