New Baby Gifts

Written by Serena Berger
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New baby gifts are easy to come up with--diapers and clothes are always needed, and always appreciated. If you want to be unique and give something the whole family will treasure in years to come, that may be a little bit harder. You might want to consider the range of personalized new baby gifts that can be found in quality stores or on the Internet.

If you know anything about children, you know that neatness is a ridiculous fantasy, best relinquished early. Babies don't appreciate expensive designer baby clothes, and given the mess they'll make, it's unlikely that their parents really want them to have very many magazine advertisement outfits. It's actually kind of nice to realize that the best presents for young children are typically not expensive, but are actually sweet, charming, simple, and durable.

Personalized New Baby Gifts

You might consider getting a personalized baby book for a new parent, but there are a couple of things you should consider. First of all, the mom-to-be might already know exactly what she wants. Some families have traditions that are kept by every generation, and some women have had a long-standing idea of what they want to do when they have a child. You might consider getting a personalized baby book that's not very fancy or formal, with the explanation that it's meant to be something the child can look through and play with while he or she is still very young. In that way, it's a gift for the baby, too, not just the mom.

Other great new baby gifts are personalized story books. It's important to start reading to children long before they are even talking a lot, much less reading. Books for babies often include sweet illustrations and simple rhyming couplets which are fun to read--all the more so when you see your baby's eyes light up and see her smile as the sounds become familiar.

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