Personalized Children Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Personalized children books make fantastic gifts. In some cases, such as keepsake books, these are gifts specifically for the parents to customize with facts and pictures. In other very different cases, these are story books for older children, customized to suit their identity and tastes.

Personalized children books can help bring a family together, while accomplishing a couple of other important objectives, as well. All the studies concerning how children grow up conclude that the children who do best in school and stay out of trouble when they get older have the advantage of family time in their formative years spent on activities which help them develop their intellect. While this doesn't mean you should teach your child to play chess when she's three years old instead of spending the day at the beach, it does mean that reading to your kids is an invaluable activity in which you should engage as often as they are interested and you are able.

Personalized Children Books Help Teach Children

Personalized children's books are one of the best ways to get your kids interested in reading. Most parents know that very young children favor stories, movies, television shows, and pictures in which children their own age are featured. Older kids start to get into stories about teenagers and adults and project what they want to be when they grow up, but for the most part babies and toddlers are most engaged in stories about other small children. Taking this to its extreme form, nothing is more engrossing than a story about themselves.

It can also be inspirational for small children to read about themselves in personalized children books if the story includes their learning something or helping someone. Whether that means learning their ABC's with a favorite Sesame Street character, or figuring out how to help save the circus, hearing a story in which they have fun and succeed at something important helps build self image and reading skills for children. For very little children, a personalized story can also help them learn information that they need to know to keep them safe, like their parents' names and address. Since you don't want to scare your child too much with stories about why they need to know these things, a story which happens to teach them can be a good way to make sure they learn.

For older children, personalized children books are just plain fun. Once they get to the age when they're into cartoons and movies and comics, a world of possibilities for gift ideas opens up. If you want to make sure they keep reading even as TV and movies exert more potent allure, giving children books they'll want to read is critical.

Personalized Children Books Keep Kids Interested in Reading

If your daughter really loved Spider Man 2, why not get her a book in which she helps Peter Parker stop Doc Oc from destroying the city? If your son thinks Marvel Comics are the coolest, maybe he'd enjoy a book in which the X-Men turn to him to foil a nefarious plot. If you capture your children's interest at an age when they still find it easy to suspend their disbelief, you can help them develop a skill and interest that will last a lifetime.

There are also some wonderful personalized children books which help introduce your children to important cultural or religious traditions. Whether you want to share your own traditions with your child, or make sure he or she is open minded and embraces other traditions, books appropriate for his or her age group can help you do that. Long before children would be able to sit though a church service and absorb the information, they could read a story about the baby Jesus being born. And when they find out that some kids wear costumes not just on Halloween but also on Purim, what better way to explain it them than with a picture book in which they're featured?

Of course, the most popular personalized books of all remain baby books which you fill out yourself. Form the classic and elegant to the cute and whimsical, there are baby books waiting to be personalized by your family. Many children want to hear the story about where they came from or what it was like when they were a baby, so you can get a book specifically with the intention of it making a wonderful story for your son or daughter as soon as he or she is old enough to ask to hear it.

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