Pre School Children's Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Pre school children's books should be very carefully chosen, depending on your child and the objective you have in getting the book. Sometimes, the objective is to make sure your child is learning the basics before facing the pressure of having to do so in school. Other times, you want to get a fun or exciting story to read to your child that she would not yet be able to read to herself.

Hearing books before they are able to read is one of the most important factors in forming children who read, and consequently do better in school. Pre school is an age where children can differ quite a bit developmentally from one another. Some children are absorbing the information that you read them so fast that it's great to expose them to the alphabet and numbers because they'll effortlessly absorb it.

Other children may be in a consolidation phase, instead of a learning phase, which means it seems like they're not learning anything, but that's because they're processing what they already know. For them, pre school children's books are likely to be best if they're interesting stories above their reading level. Not only will you have the enjoyment of sharing the book with them, you'll also be able to assume that because they enjoy the story, the book will be one they want to learn to read to themselves hen they're back in a learning phase.

Personalized Pre School Children's Books

Whichever focus you and your child have, personalized pre school children's books are likely to be a huge hit. If you want Elmo and Big Bird to help your child learn to read and count, they can do that in a personalized journey through Sesame Street. If your child is more interested in hearing fantastical tales of the Justice League or the Little Mermaid, however, you can provide those too, without worrying that it's going to be keeping your child back in any way.

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