Princess Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Princess books have appealed to generations of little girls, and will probably continue to do so as long as there are book and little girls to read them or be read to. From classic fairy tales to Disney spin-offs, serious works of children's literature to light or fun stories, there are countless books about princesses. Whether it is the fantasy of living in a castle, wearing beautiful gowns and crowns, meeting a handsome prince, or having a world full of options open to her, most girls at some point wonder about the fairy tale princess image, and work it into their fantasy and play lives.

Some princess books make a point of breaking the stereotypes of classic princess stories. Many parents will encourage their daughters to at least try reading a fairy tale type story in which the princess isn't saved by a prince, but instead saves herself. Movies like Ever After and Shrek have been quite successful at subverting the traditional gender roles in princess stories, and you can find a lot of great books that do the same thing.

But if it's traditional girlie girl princess tales that you want, do not fear--you can find them in abundance. You might even want to look into personalized princess books. Personalized books offer you the opportunity to write a child you love into a story, in this case as a princess or as a friend of a princess who gets to play the role for a day.

Learning from Personalized Princess Books

There are princess stories suitable for children of all ages. Elementary school aged children who can read to themselves start to enjoy longer and more complex stories that can really teach them a lot as they read. After all, being a princess gives you many opportunities, but it also carries with it a lot of responsibilities; and a beloved princess has many virtues that would serve anyone well in the real world, too.

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