Rhyming Books

Written by Serena Berger
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Rhyming books are particularly popular with young children who are just building language skills. Before they even know what all of the words mean, children are learning from being read to, and sometimes it is just the sound of the words that capture their attention. Rhyming books have a rhythm that appeals to children, and the similarity between words helps young children learn and remember the words.

Some rhyming books are educational, while others are just sweet bedtime stories. Some of the most popular books to read small children are collections of nursery rhymes, many of which are silly and happy little poems meant to make children smile. Some feature fanciful characters, and others just play around with simple words and phrases that sound pleasant to children's ears.

Personalized Rhyming Books

Among the most popular rhyming books are Mother Goose nursery rhyme collections. Some of these tried and true standards are suitable for very young children, while other endure even as children get older. If you want to get a truly fantastic present for a young child, you can consider getting a personalized book of rhyming poetry or verses.

The same aged children who particularly like to hear rhyming also like to hear their names in any story you tell them. If you're not incredibly adept at making up stories off the top of your head, personalized books give you a convenient and easy way to tell your child a story in which he or she is involved. Simple rhyming books can also start to introduce concepts like counting or animals or colors, too.

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